NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, millions of people--the rich, the middle class and the poor--are all looking up and asking,


"God, if you are up there, help me make more money."

That's normal for millions of people across America and around the world.  At  a  time  when  our  nation  is  experiencing  cultural  conflict,  demographic  differences,  political  confusion,  and  economic  frustration,  we  need  a  Revival  of  Revenue  that  answers  the  21st  century  “money  problem”  for  millions  of  Americans.


The Revival of Revenue

Meet PK The Entrepreneurial Evangelist

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About the Problem

SOMETHING  HAS GONE TERRIBLY WRONG  with  the  American  Dream.  In  a  non-polarizing  way,  PK  shows  you  how  to  start  dreaming  again  and  achieve  what  he  is  calling  “The  New  American  Dream”.  


The  DNA  of  past  American generations has  mutated and conceived  the  belief  today that  we  need  jobs,  benefits  and  security  created  for  us  by  universities,  corporations  and  politicians.  


This  “Disease  of  Dependency” has  gone  viral  and  infected  every  facet  of  our  society. PK diagnoses this as  the  greatest  enemy  and  threat  to  the  American  Dream,  and he's identifying it as “The  Entitlement  Mentality”.


In  The  Revival  of  Revenue,  PK  delivers  “The Cure” with the only economic solution that no one is talking about.    "Revival of Revenue” is a road map that breaks  down  how you can  create  your  own  economy  in  the  only  economy  that  you  can  control...  that's your  own! And  the  only  economy  you  can  truly  trust...  that's God’s  Economy. 


Packed with tons of Revival  of  Revenue stories,  PK teaches and trains people on:

  • How  to  maximize,  monetize  and  market  your  God-given  gifts

  • How to self-empower, self-educate and self-employee

  • How  to  rebrand, recreate and redefine your life, ideas and business

  • How to get from minimum wage to "Maximum Wage"

  • How to "Create Your Own Economy"

  • How to experience your Revival of Revenue

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Who Needs a Revival of Revenue?

As  we  walked  into  the  studio  of  a major media company, I was introduced  to  the  segment  producer  saying,  "This  is  Patrick  Kucera,  the  Entrepreneurial  Evangelist."  


Intrigued,  the  producer  smiled,  and  as  we  shook  hands  she  asked,  "What  is  that?"  


Without  hesitation  I  said,  "I  am  an  entrepreneur  and  I  am  an  evangelist.  Entrepreneurs  create  revenue  and  evangelists  create  revival.  I  believe  many  people  and  companies  are  hurting  out  there  because  they  are  not  profitable.  What  the  world  needs  now  more  than  ever  before  is  a "Revival  of  Revenue."  


As  I  was  finishing  my  answer  I  could  see  the  demeanor  on  her  face  change  from  professional  evaluation  to  personal  experience.  Then  she  boldly  declared,  "I  need  that!" She  is  not  alone.  Millions of Americans  need  a  Revival  of  Revenue  too.


The  information  age,  the  technology  age,  and  the  internet  in  general  has  changed  the  economics  for  millions  of  people.    The  challenge  is  that  there  is  so  many  people  who  need  to  enter  this  new  global  economy,  but  just  don’t  know  how. Read PK's book to get started creating your own economy!

Book Release Coming Soon!

50+ pages and 21+ GrowthMaps to help you experience "Your Revival of Revenue"

What's Inside?

  • Mental Capability

  • Emotional Stability

  • To envision the future

  • To manage the present

  • Physical Ability

  • Spiritual Availability

  • To find strength and guidance 

  • To execute a plan and reach growth

Why Write the Book?

I believe we need a Revival of Revenue. I believe  you are the economy! The Middle Class, the Masses, and MainStreet Small Business need a new answer.

The DNA of an American has mutated. The entrepreneurial spirit that built America has been  lost. The Entitlement Mentality is everywhere. What's next?

Where do you fit in the New American Dream?

How can you Create Your Own Economy?

About the Author

Meet PK

"As an entrepreneurial evangelist, Patrick “PK” Kucera has been called the "Billy Graham of business", a "modern-day Napoleon Hill" and the "Zig Ziglar for the next generation." Kings have embraced him, politicians have entrusted him, and corporate CEOs have sought his counsel. He has taken his entrepreneurial message of hope, innovation and free enterprise across America and around the world."

- Leslie Stone, Opportunist Magazine

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