Where does my story begin?


My professional history is really the story of finding and developing my calling to know God and to make him known to the world through business, ministry and now politics.


I train people in the Word of God through the lens of how you make a living.


In August of 1988, I discovered the business and political success of King Solomon as I immersed myself in God's Word. I began to discover universal principles of success. I was dumbfounded as to why most of the self-help world virtually ignored King Solomon and these timeless truths as the true source of success principles, and I have yet to find a valid success principle that I cannot find referenced in the Word of God. It's the best selling book of all time.


Overnight I determined in my heart that I would spend the rest of my life encouraging, equipping, and empowering people just like you to succeed, and I would do it while giving God all the credit that He deserves.


Since then, God has continued to open doors for me to consult and train leaders at the highest levels of the business, political, spiritual, and economic fields. In this way I guess I've been known as a pioneer of the growing marketplace ministry movement and the impact investing movement.

I've found that visionary leaders gravitate toward fresh perspective that challenges conventional wisdom by bringing “Sacred Solutions to Solve Secular Problems”.


To that end I've been blessed to address and advise global leaders at the World Prayer Conference held at the United Nations.

"I show people how to market, monetize and maximize your God-given gifts in the economy today."

- PK 

PK at the iChange Nations.

PK at the World Chamber of Commerce

What am I doing  today?


While in the past I've consulted with corporate and business leaders, helped launch companies, trained sales forces, and empowered pastors and denominational leaders alike with their ministries, in recent years I've turned my attention to founding and developing my own creative brands and innovative businesses.


I'm actively building toward multiple launches in the worlds of aeronautic technology, aviation, media networks, content development, business coaching and public speaking. It's an exciting time in my life. I am bringing together the final pieces as I'm preparing to launch my biggest ventures simultaneously in multiple industries.

God has made all this possible as an Entrepreneurial Evangelist. I've learned how to make money in the for-profit world to provide for my family of six kids and fund my nonprofit efforts. Believe me, it hasn't always been easy. I needed a Revival of Revenue myself, and now you can benefit from the opportunity that I'm giving you to benefit from all of my travels, wins, losses, and solutions for millions of Americans trying to make it today.

I'm Patrick Kucera, but friends call me PK. I hope to see a relationship develop over time between me and the people who are beginning to see what's possible if we all experience our own Revival of Revenue!"

PK receiving the World Civility Award

PK and Mari.

PK and Mari.

The Kucera Family.

Buddies for Life Fishing Expedition.

Who am I personally?


I was born in 1967 and raised in the great state of Nebraska. In Omaha, the home of Warren Buffett. God bless him. I loved the outdoors and grew up playing sports from a very early age. But I also was always trying to learn. I was a good student in school but it was my entrepreneurial spirit that defined me. I was already making money in small ways as a child from home.


During my teenage years I became a diligent student of all the great sales trainers and motivational speakers. I read everything that I could find. My parents were wonderful people that come from an agricultural background. They taught me an incredible work ethic and I was blessed to be sent to Creighton Prep High School.


After graduating High School, I moved on to Creighton University. I was so fortunate. On the first day of classes at Creighton the greatest thing in the world happened, I met the love of my life. I married her in 1990, just after her graduation and we experienced all the joys and humor that are involved with raising six wonderful children. Gosh, they've grown up so fast. I can't even believe where all the time has gone. You know, I've also experienced some setbacks. My wife and I have worked through the heartache and the anguish of burying two other children. People say “I can't believe you have six kids, Patrick”. Well, the truth of it is we have two others, Patrick and McKayla. Talk about learning how to grieve.


That grieving process was very hard, but it really prepared me for the ministry and it was an experience that made me a more empathetic man to be prepared to be a pastor in the ministry. I really owe it to my wife Mari, she's is one in a million. She's amazing. She's the queen of my world and she's really the real hero for letting me chase the Lord around the world so I can come to you right here. My six children are amazing as well. They've been real champions for God through all the challenges and really all the sacrifices that we've endured as a family. I can say that my faith has truly been tried by fire and refined through these personal, professional and pastoral experiences.


Now, you have the opportunity to learn and benefit from the lessons it took me a lifetime to learn from God. I've experienced exhilarating successes and also gut-wrenching failures that haven’t been easy.


You know I've been torn between two thoughts.


One thought is that I wouldn't wish my life upon anyone because it's been hard, it's been challenging.


At the same time, I wish everyone on earth could get “inTheJetstream” and experience the adventure that I've been blessed to experience.


As an Entrepreneurial Evangelist it's been my calling to put God back into the equation of making money and I've learned it because I've had to face the unrelenting gauntlet of financial challenges that have come to me from trying to do something great for God and for his name while being married and trying to provide for six children.


You see, I needed to experience The Revival of Revenue for myself and I found it in God's Economy.


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